CRitical Mind inc

A fully compliant california cannabis extraction facility.

Critical Mind is the first commercial scale, licensed cannabis extraction facility in the state of California fully compliant with Prop 64 state regulations.

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we are building the most advanced commercial cannabis compound in the heart of the largest cannabis market on earth.

Grow facility

Critical Mind Inc purchases only the highest grade sun-grown California cannabis. We work with a carefully established network of farmers to source only licensed and tested biomass. As a result, our facility serves as the gold standard of the cannabis manufacturing industry.

process facility

Through careful research and years of extraction knowledge, we have designed the most comprehensive extraction facilities in Southern California. Our regarded team of scientists utilize all modern volatile and nonvolatile extraction methods to ensure the cannabinoid and terpene profile of each plant is preserved.

we are leading the way to a healthier cannabis industry

As the California cannabis market matures, Critical Mind Inc is committed to setting the standard for responsible and sustainable manufacture procedures. We seek business partners who share our core values:

  • Apply strict testing guidelines to ensure pesticide and pollutant free products from start to finish
  • Source only ethically and sustainably grown organic California cannabis from fully licensed partners
  • Deliver a consistent, quality product that improves the well-being of our customers